Fresh Turmeric Rhizome Juice with Guggul


  • Its strong anti-inflammatory property helps in reducing joint pains.
  • It helps in detoxifying the liver, which further prevents the risk Of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and jaundice.
  • It also aids in fat metabolism to help manage the weight along with improving digestion, reducing gas and bloating.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties along with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
  • It helps to boost immunity on account of its strong anti-oxidant activity which fights off free radical attacks on the system.
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties also help to reduce inflammation in the brain which is believed to be the main reason behind Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It helps in the prevention of stomach related diseases such as ulcers and colon cancer.
  • It also helps to reduce uric acid levels in the body.
  • Its strong anti-inflammatory property also helps to acts against the development of rheumatoid arthritis and delays it.

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