• Sea buckthorn – This wild organic berry contains 190 vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds, omega 3, 6, rare omega 7 and 9, essential amino acids, lipids, tannins, and antioxidants vital for good health, immunity and cellular rejuvenation.
  • Khas Khas/ Poppy Seed (Chrysopogon Zizanioides) – Khas Khas helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system.
  • Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) – ‘Shankhpushpi’ is widely known as a brain tonic and improves memory and intellect & helps in anxiety and depression.
  • Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) – Bacopa Monnier, or Brahmi is known to help in improving memory, reducing anxiety, and it may boost brain function.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) – Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng has a wide range of health benefits, which help reduce stress and anxiety and is a general tonic.

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