Biosash Business Plan complete information about Biosash Business and Biosash Products

Biosash Business Plan
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We will learn about Biosash Company Details, Biosash Business Plan, Biosash Income Plan, and Biosash Products which has grown quickly in the last few years. Also, you can Download Biosash Business plan PDF.

We are talking about Biosash Business Private Limited, also known as Biosash MLM Company.

This company has established its presence in the direct selling industry mainly based on health products like Sea Buckthorn.

In this article, we will see Biosash Business Plan, and Biosash Products, and will answer the question of whether Biosash Company is Fake?

What is Biosash Business?

Biosash Company was registered under MCA on 17th November 2015. Its current directors are Arjun Khanna and Rajeev Kumar.

Founder of Biosash
Late Mr. Ramesh Khanna

The founder of Biosash, the Late Mr. Ramesh Khanna, grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas and was interested in Ayurveda medicine and medicine from the very beginning. Due to this he learned about the Sea Buckthorn growing in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and understood its health benefits.

That’s where he started promoting this drug and the company Biosash was started.

Biosash Company Profile

Date of Incorporation17 November 2015
DirectorsArjun Khanna, Rajeev Kumar
Contact Number+91 7289835986

Biosash Business Plan

Biosash is now one of the lists of Legal Direct Selling companies. Which is allowed to do MLM ie Direct Selling business in India.

Anyone can join Biosash as a direct seller, also known as a distributor. Due to the direct selling guidelines, there is no need to pay any fees while joining any legal MLM company including Biosash.

After joining as a direct seller, there are 2 main tasks to be done in the Biosash business.

1. Product buying and selling

First of all, when someone joins Biosash, he has to buy 2500 BV i.e. Rs 6000 products from the company.

Biosash gives its direct seller a price lower than the product MRP at DP (Distributor Price). By further selling these products direct sellers can earn retail profit.

2. Recruitment

The second and foremost task is recruitment i.e. connecting people. Under this, the direct seller will have to add others like himself to his downline from the Biosash company, which will generate other types of income.

Remember, Biosash will not pay you money just for adding people. Rather, when you buy Biosash’s product in your downline, you will get a commission on it.

When and how we will get this commission, we understand further.

Biosash business plan gives you 5 types of income.

Biosash Income Plan

Biosash promises to provide 5 types of income, which are as follows.

  1. Distributor Profit
  2. Matching Club Bonus
  3. Performance Club Bonus
  4. Team Sharing Bonus
  5. Achievers Fund

Remember, you don’t get all the income initially. There are some conditions and maths to get every income, according to which earning is done.

Before understanding this income, you should know about the BV of Biosash.

The full form of BV is Business Volume, it is a type of currency unit of the company. Biosash has fixed some BV on each product, which means the company gives some BV on taking the product from the company, which is used to calculate and calculate different types of income. Which is then converted into Rs.

1. Distributor Profit

The name of the first income given by the Biosash company is Distributor Profit.

According to this income, the company provides its products to its distributors at Distributor Price (DP). Biosash gives up to 40% discount to its distributor.

Distributors can further earn retail profit by selling these products at MRP, which is called Distributor Profit in Biosash.

2. Matching Club Bonus

Matching Club Bonus
Matching Club Bonus Table

The name of the second income of the Biosash company is Matching Club Bonus.

According to Matching Club income, the company distributes 35 percent of its total BV among all the distributors.

To get this income, you have to make a downline, which means recruitment has to be done.

Two formulas have been used to calculate this, in which the matching point is very important.

To find the matching point of a direct seller, the direct downline with the highest BV is first isolated. Then the BV of own and all other downlines are added and the matching points of such a week are derived.

It does not count the downline with the highest BV and subtracts the BV of the second largest downline, from which the remaining BV will be used for the next week.

Let’s say A, B, and C are your 3 direct downlines, out of which A has the highest 1000 BV and the second highest B has 800 BV. So we’re not going to use A’s BV to find this week’s matching point and subtract the second highest B’s 800 BV from A’s 1000 BV, making A’s 200 BV and that’s what we’ll use next time.

It also has a matching point value, which depends on the company’s total BV for 1 week and the total matching points accumulated.

Matching Point Value = 35% of the company’s total BV for the week / Total matching points collected in the company

Now, this matching point value of the company can be calculated by multiplying the matching point of a direct seller.

Matching Club Bonus = Company’s Matching Point Value × Direct Seller’s Matching Points

3. Performance Club Bonus

The name of the third income given by Biosash company is Performance Club Bonus. To get this income, you have to do recruitment, that is, you have to make a downline.

In the chart below you can see which level is offered by the company to you at how much BV. Here GBV is written, i.e. Group BV which shows the total BV of all the downlines.

Biosash Business Plan

In this, income is always available according to the percentage level, and this income is available on the BV of both the own and downline.

If you have done 6000 PV, then out of that first 1500 PV will get a 0 percent performance club bonus. Then you will get an 8% performance bonus on the remaining 4500 PV above 1500 BV. So your performance bonus is Rs 360.

Accordingly, you can also withdraw the performance bonus of your direct downline. Suppose your downline has a total of 2000 PV, then out of this there will be no performance bonus on the first 1500 PV, an 8% performance bonus will be given on the remaining 500 PV i.e. Rs 40.

As the downlines and their BV increase, the chances of getting more performance bonuses will also increase.

4. Team Sharing Bonus

Biosash company provides you with the fourth type of income, its name is Team Sharing Bonus.

To get this income, you must be at the Silver Director level in the company and make a personal purchase of 500BV.

Through the chart given below, you can see, at which level, up to how many generations, the company provides the percentage of Team Sharing Bonus.

5. Achievers Fund

To get the Achievers Fund, you also need to be at the Silver Director level in the company and make a personal purchase of 500 BV.

Different types of funds are available in the Achievers Fund, which is not available to an equal number of people in Biosash.

  • Car fund
  • Travel fund
  • House fund

Through the chart given below, you can see at what level you get Achievers Fund from the company.

A formula has been fixed by the company to calculate this income, which is as follows.

Achiever Fund = % of total BV of the company × Matching Points Collected / Total Matching Points Collected

Keep in mind, here the percent sign (%) means the percentage earned by you in House Fund, Car Fund, and Travel Fund.

If you want to Join Biosash then contact me through WhatsApp. or signup form.

Biosash Business Plan PDF

Click on the button below to download Biosash Business Plan PDF.

Biosash Products

Click here to see the Biosash All Products Price List.

Biosash Products has the following categories of products available.

Biosash is primarily a healthcare product-based company and the major product is Sea Buckthorn. The big advantage of health products is that the company has more profit, which they can distribute to their direct seller.

According to the packaging, Biosash products seem to be of quality. But there are already many companies producing Sea Buckthorn products in the market. Biosash products are expensive compared to companies like Bhumija, Vitamin, and Pranacharya.

Apart from this, some other direct selling companies including Vestige are also making competitive products of Biosash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How to Join Biosash?

    To join Biosash, you need a Sponsor/Upline. Under which you have to join the downline. For this, you can contact any existing Biosash direct seller or you can also visit the official website of Biosash.

  2. How much does it cost to join Biosash?

    Due to the Direct Selling Guidelines, no joining fees have to be paid in any MLM company including Biosash. But now there is a need to buy the product, from Biosash you will have to buy an average of 3000 rupees initially.

  3. What are the requirements to join Biosash?

    To join Biosash, you must have an Aadhar-Card. If you are under the age of 18, you can provide parental information. Apart from this, the information of PAN card and bank account will have to be given to Biosash.

  4. Do people have to be added to Biosash?

    Yes, in Biosash you have to add people. But this is not necessary, in this, you can earn only retail profit, only by selling Biosash products at MRP further, which will earn very less. But if you want a good income from MLM, then it is very important to connect with people.

  5. Is Biosash Company Fraud?

    No, Biosash is a certified network marketing company, a product-based and fully legal company.

  6. Can Biosash products be returned?

    Yes, under the Direct Selling Guidelines, you can get a refund from the company by returning the products of Biosash within 30 days. But the products purchased from Biosash should be in return state packed.

  7. How much money can I earn from Biosash?

    How much money you can earn from Biosash, completely depends on you, and how big and active your team is. Otherwise, you can earn from the retail prices.

  8. Is it necessary to buy products from Biosash?

    Yes, to work as a distributor in Biosash, it is necessary to buy products worth Rs 3000 on average.

If you want to Join Biosash then contact me through WhatsApp.

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Disclaimer: Information and documents available on this page are shared for information purposes only. The official website of Biosash Business Private Limited is

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